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What I've Learned

What I "know" is my experience. I am lucky (+ effort) to have performed on the level that I did in my sport. I've learned so much through the duration of that time and what it brought into my life, the people I met, places it took me, but there was still so much more for me to learn, that I needed to learn if I wanted to improve my health. Which, I really did have my battles (kidney infections/stones, concussions/post concussion syndrome, allergic reactions that required prednisone, being anemic/issues with energy, the list really does go on).

I recognize how important the paradigm shift I had with my physical body was & continued after retiring from wrestling, in not just thinking about fitness & performance, which is admirable in its own right (i.e. practice, hard work, focus, perseverance, fortitude, etc... food should have been part of that for ideal performance and who knows how much more I could have done with better fuel in the tank), but to what health really meant if I wanted the best life I could create. When I was growing up we didn't have as easy access to much of the really useful health information. If we did, I didn't know to look for it. Also you do have to go through a lot of names/articles/videos etc to realize some of the info isn't that great and some of it is undeniably foundational stuff that should just always be part of your life. To start to be healthy (of mind or body) it means being conscious of decisions (consider what is best for you/others/planet) and then reflecting on the outcome (better/worse/same/can't tell), noting it and then trying another way that seems like it could be better if you would like another outcome.

When I look back on my wrestling career (really life too 🤔) and think about what I would have done differently (obviously family would have had to be in the position to create this) knowing what I do now I would have eaten healthier foods, drank more water, used better products, & listened to my body more.

In significantly changing the way I approached my life, I have gained in the processes of being able to make those adjustments which were honestly necessary for me to do and the better quality of life that has resulted. Even though I'm older I have better overall health then I had when I was in the midst of my "competitive years". Because I dealt with so much "sickness" I had the motivation to do better when I knew better. Everyone has to get to their own point of when they want to change behavior/something. If you're makin moves in the area of improvement of mind, body or spirit then you're going in the right direction. It's your path, there is no "right way", there may be people that you cross that want to help in a honest fashion (ideally someone qualified to help guide you through certain skills/thoughts) & lots of people in perhaps not so honest ways, watch for the scams/ers (there's an abundance of them). After analyzing the source (also listen to your intuition and keep in mind your reason for motivation <superficial or real?>, stick to something for a reasonable amount of time, evaluate it and adjust accordingly.

You'll likely/hopefully find they all (mind, body, spirit) need work and are connected but start where it makes the most sense. For me body was most familiar and a good base, then I expanded (not saying I have it all figured out/am perfect, I'm just in a good space).

It's all a process my friends 🙏, make sure the most important aspects of your life are treated that way

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