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What Do You Want??

Its important to assess your time, how you want to spend it and what that actually means. You should understand as much as possible (talk with those who have done what you want to do) what the sacrifice entails and know what you're signing up for. Making informed decisions about our lives helps us be more mentally prepared and also will likely set us up to make less mistakes in the process. No one gets to tell you what you want your life to look like and what makes you, your best self. You can work for something extreme (knowing other areas will have to be sacrificed) or you can look for more balance. I've done both and its also ok for that to change at different times of your life. Over our life time situations, priorities, places, etc change but we still get to choose many things in our lives including how we want to live and what we want to work towards or give our attention to, what we want our present and future to include whether that be health, family, work, learning new skills, being a better human, education, spirituality, etc. Its not going to be perfect, it's not supposed to be, we have a lot to learn from, but part of being human is making choices and navigating our world to make the best of the time we have. It starts with thoughts (what you want & why) and moves to actions (even if small). Action is necessary to move.

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