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New Year - 2021

It's normal to reflect on a year, think about what was accomplished, what you did well and conversely the hardships or struggles. Now (anytime really <unless maybe you should be sleeping 🤔💤 or focusing 🙃... do what is best when it is best >) is a good time to think about how you want to tune or adjust your life. What would you like to put effort into this year? Purposeful change does require action & I recommend being thoughtful. What do you want to accomplish & why 💁‍

When your health suffers, you (& possibly those around you) suffer & when you're healthy/fit your quality of life is improved and you're better for you, those you love, your community, etc.

If you're already doing what you need & want to be doing to maintain a healthy life great job 👏 it's taken discipline & mindfulness to get there and if it's a goal or work in progress everything is a process (people are at different stages)... and it's one worth continuing & investing in 🙏


Exercise, strength, mobility, balance, etc are all extremely important but so is what you consume (in your mouth 👅 & your 💭). Optimal health/cell func

tion/etc requires this portion & you have a decent amount of control over it 🙌

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