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After listening to this you'll realize most people are full of it - Detox

The fitness industry can be pretty tricky because it's that... an industry trying to make money. Half the time "professionals" will tell you what sounds good, what they've heard or been told to say to sell you on products or training, I've seen it too many times... and this is part of why I'm on my own. It drives me absolutely insane & it disappoints me to the max. 

It's important to get real information to make informed decisions, please find good sources instead of buying into whatever fad, company or fitness influencer/trainer is saying. This really is a great episode & you'll have a foot up in understanding what this detox word that gets thrown around actually means.

For my detox people - You 😉 I began this process 8 years ago the way he suggests. I watched a documentary (i.e. chemerical) & started looking things up and replacing everything as I used it with healthier alternatives. I tried my hand at making a lot of my products: dish soap, laundry detergent, tooth past, deodorant, did my own shampoo & conditioner & was certain it was all going to work great... some of it did, some not so much 😅 (its new & you'll still make mistakes) but it was fun & felt good/"right". Its true that it can feel overwhelming & certainly disturbing as you're making some realizations. As long as you continue to move in a healthier direction & making adjustments (if you get side tracked you can always realign) you really are dong great 👏🙏

Episode 14 - Michael Roesslein: The Truth About Detoxification by Metabolic Mastery Radio https://player.fm/1kQLcD #nowplaying

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