I have trained as an elite/Olympic caliber athlete in the sport of wrestling for 20 years (competing and winning medals  in tournaments including World Championships, Pan American Championships, World Cup, Olympic Team Trials, etc). I was an Olympic Training Center Resident Athlete, on National Team for 8 Years, placing 4th in the '04 & '08 Olympic Team Trials before retiring due to injury/concussion. 

I was the first female wrestler to be inducted into the Illinois Wrestling Coaches & Officials Association Hall of Fame in 2019.


After graduating from Northern Michigan University Cum Laude with my Community Health Education degree (and a minor in Emergency Medical Services, EMS) I shifted my attention to the fitness and health culture, I truly have a desire for improvement in the area of health and wellness. I became a Personal Trainer in 2012, then moving into a Assistant Fitness Manager position and then becoming a Fitness Manager for 24 Hour Fitness in Colorado Springs. After relocating to Dallas Texas I explored the CrossFit world and began coaching CrossFit in 2015 at Strong Fitness & Performance Center (also known as CrossFit Strong).

Since moving to Hawaii I have refocused on individual Personal Training working as an Independent Contractor to help people move in the direction of being their best selves.

Everyday we learn more about our bodies, nutrition, environment and the interconnectedness of all that we think and do. The results of our choices now, impact our present and future health. We all have the ability to make adjustments that can truly affect longevity and quality of life. By providing useful tools I'm excited to assist in altering conscious results and empowering you to reach your highest potential.
Mary Kelly



Quotes from clients 
"Mary is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, patient and kind. She's unlike any personal trainer I've worked with (and I'm married to one). She is encouraging, and doesn't use shaming. She understands the body more than the average PT because she cares more than the average PT. And she doesn't just care about fitness of people. She cares about the planet, and all the life on it. She cares about the mind, the heart and the soul. If you are working with Mary Kelly, you are truly fortunate. I'm so grateful to know Mary and have my life be touched by hers. Thank you, Mary."

- Nichole Fausey

It's pretty hard not to improve working out with Mary, unless you just aren't trying. "

- Matt Repansky


"OMG. She has so much knowledge and skill. Cindy and I both are at a new and exciting level. Mary is fearless and AMAZING. We are doing things we never imagined. "

- Chris Featherstone


Improve Mobility/Flexibility 
Movement & Performance Enhancement
Strength & Conditioning 
Alter Body Composition
Develop Stability

Nutrition Assistance

Certifications Current / Priorly Obtained

                       • Degree: Community Health Education
                       • Elite Athlete/Olympic Caliber in the Sport of Wrestling
                       • NASM -Performance Enhancement Specialist 
                       • NCSF - National Council on Strength & Fitness
                       • TRX
                       • Olympic Weightlifting

                       • CrossFit Level 1 Certification & Coach​

                       • Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)

                       • Rocksteady Boxing for Parkinsons

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